nelson residence concept


Concept for the Nelson residence is based on a courtyard layout. The best view of the site is toward the NW where Keleakekua Bay is located. The owners are well aware of the western sun glare  off the ocean and the heat that builds up on west facing rooms or balconies making them uncomfortable and unpractical to use until the sun is low enough.  In this residence, shading through generous roofs and overhangs is a way to keep the house passively cool and comfortable. Ocean views are framed and are placed similar to  the game of peek a boo. Separate buildings sorrounds a courtyard yet they are not connected to allow air and space to flow freely.  All exterior walls especially ones that face the south and west will be both shaded and vented for passive cooling.

Nelsons love to cook so their kitchen will be the family’s focal point.  It is placed  adjacent to the framed view of Keleakekua Bay beyond and serves as an invitation for guests to enter the court yard or the heart of the home.