We believe to live sustainably means pursuing a life style that is in balance with our resources for the sake of our children’s future. As clients and architects, we have an immense responsibility to our environment. What we choose to build with has a huge impact on the world’s forests, not to mention the energy and resources that were required to get a product to us. We live in a very exciting time; our technologies are allowing us to step forward and experiment with different materials and alternative energy that will only enhance our lives in the long run. We look forward to working with and for clients who will challenge us to be our very best to be green.

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One thought on “green

  1. Lucy Gwin

    Do you have experience using Tridipanel? It looks like an inspired construction medium for sustainable construction here in Hawaii. Also, its imperviousness to earthquakes, hurricanes and, best of all, termites makes it very attractive. I don’t understand why it hasn’t caught on here.

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