7 thoughts on “sato residence 2009.02.18

  1. Phuong

    wow. it’s so nice. i think i saw mom in one of those pictures. too bad, i can’t come to the viewing party. nice house.

  2. onei

    thanks phuong, yea, i took mom phong and his friend there. i think it looks nice too. i want to take some night time photos too. there is a whole other aspect to it at night.

  3. Hillary & Brandon Roberts

    To the Satos,

    We love your home and were so excited to see the smooth cedar siding and Fleetwood windows!

    We are currently designing our future home and will be using clear cedar siding and are contemplating what brand of stain to apply.

    What brand did you end up choosing?

    Thank you for your help!

  4. onei

    Aloha Hillary and Brandon,
    Thank you for checking us out. I specified a red western cedar , clear heart with a clear stain Sikkens by ICI, Cetol. I learned that though this is a good product, but it can be dangerous to work with, please see manufacturer’s recommendations for application. Where will your future home be?

    I also used the same type of cedar for some interior walls, but i left it in it natural state because it would be a great shame to stain over that wonderful cedar smell.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.


    Hai On, Architect

  5. Hillary


    Thank you so much for this information.
    We are using red western cedar as well and will look into the Sikkens product.

    We will be building our home just east of Springfield, Missouri.
    Thank you again for the prompt reply!


  6. Hillary

    Hello again Hai.

    Our red cedar has been delivered and is ready for the stain.
    Which stain exactly did you end up using?

    We are looking at the Cetol 1 and then 2 coats of Cetol 23+
    Is this what you used? And what tint did you choose?

    Right now we are building our shop and want the cedar to match our future home and as you know we are quite impressed with the way your cedar turned out!

    Thank you for this guidance!

  7. onei

    Aloha Hilary,
    We use a color called “natural” and the exact coatings that you are using. Good luck. I would love to see the final product.
    You can also email me direct at hai@finsarch.com or call 808 3330081 if you have further questions.

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