sato residence 2008.10.03

Finally, the Polygal polycarbonate panels are installed at the Master Bedroom. I chose this material because it is lightweight and stronger than glass. These panels are used both as a roofing material and walls, inside and out. The advantage is that once installed the panels are finished, no painting. Their translucent quality will allow the owner privacy while allowing her to experience the changing light during the day as though she is living outdoors.

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2 thoughts on “sato residence 2008.10.03

  1. aoshiro

    This is very nice project: beautiful, clean, comfortable, simple and well organized spaces.
    Seems to be some Japanese style aspects (the small windows, ofuro, wall’s partitions, bed’s design..) Well, the name Sato should mean something.
    But, you didn’t use steel frame structure so much, why? And why not only wood structure?
    Thanks in advanced for your attention and congratulations, I really like your job!

  2. onei

    Dear Aoshiro,

    Thank you so much for your comments. My client is Japanese so the house has aspects of japanese and hawaiian, but only loosely as far as a modern interpretation of both. I used steel to lighten the structure as much as possible and used wood for warmth. I like the blend of both material. Steel was used sparingly to bring the cost down. I did not use all wood only because i was looking for the slenderness of the columns that steel allows. It was a visual and structural choice. Thank you again.


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