fins architecture llc is a small architectural firm with a passion for exploring new ideas and fostering changes. We are continuing to learn from our clients and the construction professionals to improve our designs and services. Our small practice allows us to maintain our commitment to each individual client, our community and the environment. We take to heart what Baba Dioum once said about conservation:

"For in the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will only love what we understand. We only understand what we are taught."

Education about our world will only make us want to conserve it.

Our main goal is simply to form long lasting relationships with our clients and the environment. Our design solutions will vary with each client’s desires and needs, but our guideline shall always be progressive thinking and creativity.

Established 2006 in Hawaii


We believe to live sustainably means pursuing a life style that is in balance with our resources for the sake of our children's future.

As clients and architects, we have an immense responsibility to our environment. What we choose to build with has a huge impact on the world's forests, not to mention the energy and resources that were required to get a product to us.

We live in a very exciting time; our technologies are allowing us to step forward and experiment with different materials and alternative energy that will only enhance our lives in the long run.

We look forward to working with and for clients who will challenge us to be our very best to be good to planet earth.

waikoloa lutheran church

Waikoloa lutheran church is currently in the concept and fundraising stage. The design is inspired by the arrangement of town plazas where the focal is the sanctuary. Auxiliary buildings surround a covered area and also function as windbreak. Sanctuary seats 100 persons, during overflow functions, services can include more people by expanding into the covered central space. Sanctuary's main axis is aligned to Christmas Day the moment the sun rises above the flank of Mauna Kea.

136 puako

136 Puako project was carried through design development but was not constructed. It is located in a Special Management Area and Flood Zone VE, the most restrictive for coastal area projects.

sato residence 2009

In this 3812 SF, 2430 SF enclosed, house, each main component is separated from each other.The living, dining and kitchen are separated from the master bedroom by the lanai. The shed roofs allow hot air to migrate freely from low to high, out and away from the living spaces.

The overall concept is to celebrate life in this very mild climate. Outdoor and indoor living is less apparent. The master bedroom has a roof under the main roof. This is a loose interpretation of how ancient Hawaiians lived outdoor and often slept under tree canopies. The roof of the garage is equiped with photovoltaic panels for solar power.

The house also utilizes passive lighting through wall width sliding glass wall and translucent wall panels. Grey water is recycled to use for flushing toilets and gardening.

wiliwili trees
kawaihae reef